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PatCnx: A Paradigm Shift In Online Dating

The first version of PatCnx (pronounced Pat Connects) has been released. Unlike the traditional approach to online dating that involves the usual game of meeting strangers in your local area, PatCnx has decided to take a new approach. PatCnx is focused on relationships that are formed through friend of a friend connections.

How does it work?

The first version of PatCnx is driven by the Facebook plugin (This application has been approved to utilize Facebook connections but is in no way directly affiliated, endorsed by, or acting on behalf of Facebook). The idea is to utilize your Facebook friends to stimulate prospects that have common ground with you. The application will allow you to meet all of your single Facebook friends and also your single friend of friends.

You can sign up for this application if you are SINGLE or NOT SINGLE.

If you are single, you can sign up for the application, login to PatCnx, Link your Facebook account, and the program will start to make your Facebook connections (friends that have also joined the application).

If you are not single, you can sign up for the application, login to PatCnx, Link your Facebook account, go to your user profile, and set yourself as “Not Single”. This is a really slick feature. When you perform this, your Facebook connections will now be available to help benefit your single Facebook friends (family members, neighbors, co-workers, etc.) who have joined the application. However, your profile will remain hidden. We are hoping this type of feature will help the broader community be involved in the process.

How do I sign up?

If you have any issues please reach out to

First, start by going to then go the register button shown below:

Second, register your user. Remember that the username field should be a standard username, meaning you should not have any spaces or special characters in the name or the registration process will fail!

Once you are logged in you should automatically be re-directed to the Facebook plugin page where you can Link Your Account to Facebook. If you are not immediately shown this page, click on the plugin icon on the bottom of the screen, and click Facebook, this should bring you there.

Proceed to click on the Link Facebook Account button below:

Next, type in your Facebook Credentials to login (if you are not already logged in) and then you will be prompted to allow PatCnx to have access to your user friends list (PatCnx will not have access to post to your facebook).

By doing this you will allow PatCnx to make Facebook friend connections for you. This step is very important. If you do not perform this, you will not have any connections (as of the time of this article, future versions may not require this). If you accidently deny access to the friends list you will need to go into Facebook -> Settings And Privacy -> Settings -> Apps and Websites -> PatCnx -> View and Edit -> Scroll down -> Remove. Then proceed to go back to PatCnx and re-perform the last 2 steps.

Next, you should be redirected to PatCnx, if you are not re-directed you may need to manually go back to PatCnx depending on your device.

Proceed to click the Confirm button below. This will create your Facebook connections for you. If this was successful, you will get a green success message.

Lastly, it is time to setup your profile. If you are single, go ahead and setup the whole thing! Set your single designation field as “Single”. Your contact information can be anything you are comfortable with sharing. A phone number, email, social media handle, etc. This will only be shown when you match with someone! Once this is completed navigate to the home menu at the bottom and check out your friend connections.

If you are not single, go ahead and set the single designation field to “Not Single”, hit save, and log off! You just opened the gate to change someone’s life!


Platonic dating has never been easier.

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