PatCnx: A Paradigm Shift In Online Dating

4 min readMar 16, 2021


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The first version of PatCnx (pronounced Pat Connects) has been released. Unlike the traditional approach to online dating that involves swiping, being ranked by computer algorithms, and never knowing who likes you, PatCnx has decided to take a new approach. PatCnx is focused on providing you endless amounts of options.

How does it work?

PatCnx is essentially like a dating dictionary. If someone has joined our application we want you to be able to find them (assuming they have they same preferences as you). We do not use computer algorithms to rank users based on popularity or other attributes. Therefore, if you did not immediately get liked by a large set of users YOU WILL NOT BE LEFT BEHIND! You will always have the same opportunity to be liked by someone as any other person on the app. We put the power in your hands to find the right match. Finally, a place where you can be setup to succeed!

We do not believe in the swiping approach. The design of our application lets you scroll endlessly through EVERY USER on the platform (assuming they have the same preferences as you). You can go backward or forward at any time! No more accidental swipes, super likes, etc.

We also show you who you liked or matched with ALWAYS. Therefore, you will not have to “hope” the person you liked will also like you by some random chance that they swipe by your profile. That person you liked WILL see that you liked them and they can immediately like you back if they choose to do so.

Our app allows you to easily form short or long distance relationships if desired. The app has no borders! You can literally search any country, state, county, or city for your desired match!

Also our registration process takes 30 seconds… we do not believe in boring questionnaires. But we do believe in having A LOT of options! Therefore, let’s skip the questionnaires and focus on liking people so you can actually chat with them and get to know them!

We are LGBTQIA friendly!

The best part is our app is that it is COMPLETELY FREE… we are the only dating app on the planet that allows you to utilize all the major features of online dating for FREE.

How do I sign up?

If you have any issues please reach out to

First select your language preference. If you accidently chose the wrong language we recommend just going ahead and deleting/re-installing the app. If you are using then you can clear your browser cache and visit the website.

Second, click the “Create Account” button and go through the 30 second registration process.

Once you are signed up — using the app is a slam dunk! The first button on the menu is the “Home” button. This is your endless feed of users that you can “like”. Click that “heart” button below (in the app) on anyone that you find appealing.

The second button on the menu is the “Likes” page. This page shows you who “You Liked”, who “Liked You”, and who you “Matched” with. “Matching” means that you clicked the “heart” button on someone’s profile and the user that you “liked” also clicked the “heart” button when your profile showed up on their feed. Therefore, you are a match. You can chat with anyone you “matched” with.

The third button on the menu — let’s you modify your user profile! This is where you can put some info about yourself and adjust who you want to see and where you want to see people from!

The fourth button on the menu is the “Chat” lobby. This is where you can see all the people you “matched” with and the chat conversions you have started.

The last button on the menu is the “Settings” page.





Our goal is to provide you endless options.